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The new private security regulations require that all private security providers (PSPs), both individual and corporate comply by the 5th of January 2020. This is a short deadline but in effect, the law has been there for almost three and a half years now. If an extension is to be given, it will hardly be long enough to warrant postponement of the exercise. The time is now and every person concerned about business or career continuity should start the process immediately.

This requires that PSPs put in place measures fast to be ready in time. The new environment can be a challenge; it requires that all staff are trained, documentation is put together, statutory forms are filled and a few changes put in place.

Elite Academy is offering two critical services for its clients. Training and compliance assistance. We have training for;

  1. Directors
  2. Management & Administrative Staff
  3. Security Guards

Our Compliance Assistance Program is a follow up on our training, making sure that you we are available for consultation and advice as your continue with your compliance process.

Elite has been ahead of the curve on the new regulatory regime always making updates and making available resources necessary for compliance.

We’ll be happy to work with you to compliance and registration.

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