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School Safety & Security Marshal

Category: Private Security

This course is built on the Ministry of Education Safety Standards Manual for Schools in Kenya (2008). It incorporates all the content and guidelines required for schools with more input from Elite's Safety & Security experts. It is a five-day course with the following units. 1. Introduction to School Safety & Security 2. Organization of the School Safety & Security Program 3. Safety & Security on School Grounds 4. Safety & Security in Physical Infrastructure 5. Health and Hygiene Safety 6. Safety & Security in School Environment 7. Food Safety 8. Safety Against Drug and Substance Abuse 9. Safe Teaching and Learning Environment 10. Socio-cultural Environment of the School 11. Safety of Children with Special Needs/Disabilities 12. Safety Against Child Abuse 13. Transportation Safety & Security 14. Disaster Risk Reduction 15. School & Community Relations. 16. Basic First Aid (Red Cross Certified) This course is meant to equip school safety & security marshalls with the n...